Steiner Family Scholarship – Complete Review And How To Apply

Many students have dropped out of school due to a variety of issues and financial concerns. But if you can’t pay for school because you don’t have enough money, winning a scholarship can help.

Moreover, this article gives you a guideline for applying for the Steiner Family Scholarship.

What is Steiner Family Scholarship?

Steiner scholarship is a set-up that provides support to students and families that have been facing financial need. Moreover, the Steiner Family Scholarship is a merit-based scholarship for students who are enrolled at the Santa Fe Waldorf School right now (or who were enrolled there during the last three years). Also, the scholarship is for students in grades 6–12 in the upcoming year.


Furthermore, as an aspirant, you need to have engaged yourself in school activities and have proven enthusiasm and inspiration to members of our school community. Below we will discuss in detail the criteria for applying for the scholarship.

To get more information about the scholarship, contact the following:

  • For questions about a pending application for Steiner Scholarship or scholarship award: Thomas Keppel, Business
  • For questions about eligibility criteria: Brent Poole, Admissions Coordinator | 5054676431,
  • Manager | 5054676443,
  • For questions about making a charitable contribution to Steiner Scholarship: Pat Lord, Development and Marketing Coordinator | 5054676426,
  • Press contact: 5054676426

Steiner Scholarship criteria


Each applicant must apply for and be granted the Santa Fe Waldorf School’s offer of tuition aid. After receiving the maximum amount of tuition assistance and demonstrating further need, families with a child (or children) entering grades 6–12 in the upcoming academic year will be qualified to apply for a Steiner Family Scholarship. A family must deliver the following to the business office within three weeks of receiving an invitation to apply:

  • Firstly, a letter from the student outlining the experience they have had at San Fe Waldorf School to date, and their plans for the future.
  • Also, a letter from the parent(s)/guardian(s) providing context for your application for the scholarship and their commitment to the school community.
  • 1–2 letters from individuals (who are not connected to any member of your family) who are teachers, spiritual guides, or community leaders. The letter should contain how you will benefit from the scholarship.
  • A main lesson book from the past 12 months.

The school will also compile a set of information on behalf of the applicant’s family. This set of information should contain the following:

  • Confirmation of good academic standing
  • Attendance and tardy report
  • GPA(This is for students applying in grade 10-12)

The items stated above should be provided to the scholarship committee, and they will make recommendations about scholarships to the Tuition Assistance Committee. Additionally, the Steiner Family scholarship committee should take into account your academic consistency, commitment to the arts (performing and visual) and a record of community service.

Frequently asked questions

Below are some of the questions that are asked the most by applicants about the Steiner Family Scholarship.


Who are the members of the Steiner Scholarship Committee?

The members of the scholarship committee comprise two board members, one staff member, and three faculty members. The Steiner Scholarship Committee doesn’t know anything about the applicants’ finances other than whether or not they are eligible for the Steiner Scholarship.

When do I apply for a Scholarship and when will I know about awards?

Applicants are expected to apply for the scholarship promptly in February/March. Also, Decisions about the Steiner Family Scholarship will only be made each year in the months of April and May.

Furthermore, As soon as the Business Office notifies applicants of their eligibility for the Steiner Scholarship application and their eligibility for their tuition aid award, applicants may submit their Steiner Family Scholarship applications.

  •   By May 30th, all candidates will be informed of the results of the Steiner Family Scholarship selection process.
  • After the award is announced, the student has two weeks to complete a re-enrollment contract and commit to the following academic year.

Can the Steiner Scholarship also be applied toward fees?

No, the Steiner Family Scholarship is only for helping students pay for school based on how well they do. Each family is still solely responsible for paying the fees. Fees are posted on the official website.


In conclusion, the Steiner Family Scholarship is available to students. However, certain criteria must be met in order to successfully get the scholarship award.

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