Google Conference Scholarship: Apply Now

If you are a student pursuing a degree in computer science Google is proud to offer its annual conference scholarship to help students excel in technology and become leaders in their fields. 

Google conference scholarship is happy to announce that this year 145 scholarship recipients representing institutions from 25 countries would be awarded.

So, if you’re willing to be a tech expert you are encouraged to apply, however, read on to learn more about this amazing opportunity and the amazing scholars who have been awarded the Google Conference Scholarship.


What are Google Conference Scholarships?

The Google Conference Scholarship Program is an incredible opportunity for women in technology to get ahead and make a real impact, and this program offers eligible students a one-time scholarship of $10,000 USD or $5,000 CAD, depending on where they live to be used for travel and accommodation costs for attending conferences related to computer science. 

The Google Conference Scholarships is a great opportunity for students to get a taste of what it’s like to attend a prestigious technology conference.

It’s also an excellent chance for them to network with experts in their fields, make new connections, and gain valuable knowledge that can help shape their future. 


Requirements To Apply For A Google Conference Scholarship

Below are the Requirements To Apply For A Google Conference Scholarship:

1. Must be currently enrolled or planning to enroll in computer science or related program in Fall 2019 at an accredited college, university, vocational school, or other educational institution


2. Must not have previously been awarded any type of Google travel grant for a conference


3. Must be 18 years of age or older

4. Must not have graduated from high school by Fall 2023

5. Must not hold US citizenship


So, if you are looking to pursue a career in computer science, and you want to attend a Google-sponsored event, then the Google Conference Scholarship is an excellent opportunity.

All, you have to do is to possess any of the above requirements then you can apply, and be rest assured that if you have accurately all that is been listed above and you will be awarded a Google Conference Scholarship.

Eligibility To Study with a Google Conference Scholarship

As an applicant to qualify, you must be either a resident of North America or US Territories, studying or working in North America, or will be in North America at the time of the conference. 


Also, all applicants must also be 18 years of age or older and submit their application by 5:00 p.m. ET on the day of the deadline. 

So, if you think you meet the qualifications and are excited to take advantage of this opportunity, don’t hesitate to apply as fast as you can not get shocked by the news of the deadline has elapsed.

How to apply 

To apply is very easy just by simply visiting institution’s official website at ensure you don’t let this chance slip away you, start filling out the application today.


Deadline Date to Apply 

Unfortunately for those who had it in mind to apply for this, the scholarship deadline has far gone but if you are interested, don’t worry, although the deadline to apply for the Google Conference Scholarship is December 2, 2022, at 4:15 pm HST, you will still get another chance next year 2023 which is another great year opportunity for you to apply.


If you are awarded and you get to attend the conference, not only will you receive money to help pay the cost, but you will also get to talk with other leaders in the field and find out what they are doing.

After you gain enough experience and knowledge, you might become the person leading this industry, which can shape the future of technology.


So, if you want this opportunity, don’t look away from it, just apply today and get the chance to be one of the select few who can benefit from this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. 

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