Oberkotter Family Foundation Scholarship 2024

In our society, today statistic tells us that 38% of students drop out of college due to financial issues. Therefore, as a student, you must be looking for a way to reduce the educational burden caused by finances. And the best way to do this is through Oberkotter Family Foundation Scholarship.

Moreover, scholarships are grants or payments that are made to support a student’s education, and, in most cases, it is awarded on a basis of academic performance. In this article, we will be reviewing the Oberkotter Family Foundation and showing you tips on how to participate in the scholarships program.

About Oberkotter Family Foundation Scholarship

The Oberkotter Family Foundation is a private foundation located in Newport, New Hampshire, that funds the improvement of schools, college scholarships, and donations. The foundation funds the scholarship every year with a prize of $3,500. This money is awarded to the winner of the scholarship, which is put towards the cost of education at the college level in the United States.


The Foundation was founded by Paul and Louise Oberkotter. They had a daughter Mildred, who was deaf from infancy. Therefore, leading to the creation of the foundation and early focus of the foundation was based on the interest of diabetic and deaf individuals.

Furthermore, the Oberkotter Family Foundation Scholarship has been made possible over the years due to donations from individuals, businesses, and other organizations. This has given students across the 50 states in the United States an opportunity to a finance free college education. Moreover, getting a scholarship is not determined by your level of financial need or academic level.



For you to be eligible for the scholarship you need to meet certain demands, which are:

  • Full-time senior at one of the high schools listed below.
  • You must be on track to graduate from Highschool
  • High intention to enroll for college the next fall
  • Also, make provision of a transcript or other official high school document.


Apart from eligibility certain criteria must be met in other to give you a chance of winning the Oberkotter Family Foundation Scholarship. As an eligible candidate, you are expected to demonstrate two or more of the criteria listed below.

  • Part-time work
  • Sport participation
  • Service to school, community, and family
  • Strong moral and Ethical character
  • Lastly, extracurricular activities

Eligible High schools

There is a list of high schools you have to be fully enrolled in to make you eligible for the Oberkotter Family Foundation Scholarship. These schools are:

  • Fall Mountain Regional High School
  • Kearsarge Regional High School (NH)
  • Kimball Union Academy (NH)
  • Mid-Vermont Christian School (VT),
  • Mount Royal Academy (NH),
  • Newport Middle High School (NH),
  • Stevens High School (NH),
  • Lebanon High School (NH),
  • Mascoma Valley Regional High School (NH),
  • Windsor High School (VT),
  • Proctor Academy (NH)
  • The Block Island School (RI),
  • Claremont Christian Academy (NH),
  • Hartford High School (VT),
  • Springfield High School (VT),
  • Sunapee High School (NH),
  • Hanover High School (NH)

Benefits of Applying for the scholarship

The scholarship gives you an opportunity to continue your education even though you are not able to afford it. Additionally, apart from giving you a head start on your education. The scholarship makes provision for other needs such as books and supplies, the cost of renting a dorm room, and travel expenses.

Also, winning the Oberskotter Family Scholarship doesn’t just grant you a four-year or University scholarship. But also, have the opportunity to reapply each year for additional scholarship funding.

Scholarship Deadline

The board will receive all applications by the 1st of February and the decision made will be communicated on the 30th of April.



In conclusion, the Oberkotter Family Foundation Scholarship is an opportunity for you to the financial assistance you need for your studies. Moreover, the scholarship is worth $3,500.

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