Niche No Essay Scholarship 2022: Apply and Win has opened the Niche no essay scholarship opportunity for high school and college students.

Niche scholarships are financial programs for high school and college students to attain their educational goals with no financial constraints. 

Meanwhile, to be considered for this scholarship, applicants must meet some eligibility requirements including demonstrating financial need. 


Therefore, we have provided you with up-to-date information on all you need to know about niche no essay scholarships and how you can apply easily in this guide. 

Niche No Essay Scholarship: Everything You Need To Know

This scholarship is sponsored by 

This platform connects people to their future schools, neighborhoods, and workplaces.


It is regarded as the market leader in connecting colleges and schools with students and families. 

However, it has a high profile in every school and college in America, with over 140 million reviews and ratings, and powerful search and data tools. 

It also helps millions of students and families find and enroll in the right school for them through its services that help thousands of schools recruit and enroll more best-fit students.


In addition, the team is headquartered in Pittsburgh, with employees throughout the United States.

Its primary aim is to focus on changing the way people choose their education and are looking for innovative and fresh perspectives to join its mission. 

Field/level of Study

This scholarship is available for high school, college, and graduate students. 


Scholarship Amount

The niche no essay scholarship is not available.


Also, the amount awarded for this scholarship differs. 

Host hosts this scholarship. 


Host Nationality

The scholarship is hosted and to be taken in the United States. 

Eligible Nationality

Citizens and permanent residents of the United States are eligible to take part in the niche no essay scholarship. 

Eligibility Requirements

Applicants of these scholarships must:

  • Be high school, college, and graduate students and those planning to enroll within 12 months.
  • Be least eighteen years of age or older
  • Be citizens or legal residents of certain states or commonwealths 
  • Must currently attend a high school or college listed on
  • Or be the parent of one of the students who fall into one of those categories.

Application Requirements for Niche No Essay Scholarships

To apply for this scholarship, applicants must:

  • Complete and submit an application online through the nitro website. 
  • Submit all required documents as requested by the scholarship. 

In addition, applicants should visit the scholarship website for complete information on supporting documents needed for this scholarship. 

However, applicants who attempt to submit incomplete or inaccurate application responses will be permanently disqualified from the scholarship contest and all future contests.


More so, you must only submit an entry per person/email address/household. 

How to Apply for Niche No Essay Scholarship

Applicants should apply for this scholarship via the Niche No Essay scholarship application website. 

You must log in and create a free account to apply.


Application deadline 

The deadline for the submission of the niche no essay scholarship application is September 30, 2022.

However, applicants are encouraged to apply as soon as the application portal opens to have a higher chance of being considered. 

Final Note

The niche no essay scholarship is hosted and sponsored by to provide funds for college students to pursue their educational careers without financial issues. 


This scholarship is only available to citizens or permanent and legal residents of the United States who are 18 years and above and are high school, college, or graduate students.

However, to be considered for this scholarship, you need to complete and submit an online application.

You also have to meet the eligibility and application requirements for this scholarship. 


In addition, applicants should apply as soon as they can to stand a better chance of winning the scholarship. 

Also, niche no essay scholarship requires you to follow all the scholarship rules and instructions when applying to avoid being nullified. 

You should also ensure that you submit only one complete and accurate information to avoid disqualification. 


We wish you luck with your application. 

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