Peter f Vallone Scholarship – How to Apply

Are you looking for scholarship opportunities in New York City as a recent high school graduate? Scholarships such as the Peter F. Vallone Academic Scholarship, which many people know to be called the New York City Council Merit Scholarship, is a great program set to reward your hard work and dedication to the school. 

In this article, there would be more insight into this scholarship and all of its requirements, to apply and be granted a scholarship award by the institute as well as the institute’s main site to check for further information, so continue to read on to learn more.

What is the Peter f Vallone scholarship?

The Peter F. Vallone Academic Scholarship is an incredible opportunity for New York City high school graduates who demonstrate strong academic achievement.


This scholarship can be used towards tuition, fees, books, supplies, or other education-related expenses. It is also renewable for up to five years. 

Eligibility To Study At Peter f vallone scholarship

To be eligible to gain the Peter f vallone scholarship award, students must submit an online application including their academic transcript, information about their extracurricular activities, and a brief essay describing their educational goals and how the scholarship will help them achieve them. 

Also, applicants must provide proof of financial need and a letter of recommendation from a teacher or school administrator.


In addition, applicants must be New York City residents and graduating high school seniors, and they must have a minimum grade point average of 3.0, and demonstrate financial need, meaning their family income cannot exceed $65,000. 

To sum it up, students must also be accepted to or enrolled in an accredited two-year or four-year college, university, or any other post-secondary educational institution within the United States.

Requirements To Apply For The Peter f vallone scholarship 


Below are the Requirements To Apply For The Peter f vallone scholarship:


1. You must have an accredited two- or four-year college or university as a full-time student, in a degree-seeking program. 

2. You demonstrate financial need. 

3. You must have no conviction of a felony or serious offense. 


4. You must be in good academic standing with your college or university. 

5. You must maintain an 80 College Academic Average (CAA) throughout the course of your studies. 

To sum it up, the Peter F. Vallone Academic Scholarship is an opportunity for qualified New York City high school graduates to earn money for their college education. 


The scholarship is based on financial need, academic standing, and a clean record, and applicants must meet all of these criteria in order to be eligible.

The program is an amazing opportunity for those who qualify, and we hope it helps you get the education you deserve.

How to apply

To apply for this scholarship simply go to the Peter F. Vallone Academic Scholarship of the official website. Everything there for you, including eligibility requirements and application materials, visit the website of Peter F. Vallone institution at


Deadline Date to apply

If you are interested in applying for the Peter F. Vallone Academic Scholarship, don’t wait – the deadline is fast gone o as the deadline for application is  May 12 but next year on May 12th, 2023 you can hurry up so as to apply before the deadline.

And don’t forget to make sure that you read through all the guidelines and rules before you apply, good luck.


The Peter F. Vallone Scholarship is an excellent opportunity for talented students from New York City who are willing to put in a little hard work and dedication in school and if you are that kind of student looking to get a generous monetary reward, then the Peter F. Vallone Scholarship should not be missed by students. 


If you meet the requirements, this scholarship could help you go to college and pursue your dreams. If you just graduated from high school in New York City, make sure you utilize this article to find out if you meet the requirements.

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