Top 5 Easiest and Free Ways to Earn $500 on PayPal

Have you ever wondered if you could earn some extra cash without much effort? What if you could make $500 or more without even leaving your home? Well, thanks to the internet, there are now more ways than ever to earn money online. And one of the most popular places to get paid is PayPal.

In this post, we’ll cover the top 5 easiest and 100% free methods to earn at least $500 into your PayPal account. Best of all, you can do these no matter where you live and even if you have no special skills or experience.

Free Ways to Earn $500 on PayPal

They require no upfront investment and can be done part-time from home. Many people just like you have topped up their PayPal balances using these tactics. So keep reading to uncover the secrets!


About Paypal Earnings

PayPal has become one of the largest digital payment platforms in the world. As of 2022, PayPal had 429 million active registered user accounts globally. Its massive popularity makes it easy not only to shop and pay online but also to get paid.

With so many people constantly using PayPal, more and more websites and services now integrate PayPal payment options. This makes it simple and quick to earn money that goes directly into your account.

5. Using PayPal Honey

Honey is a free browser extension that can help you earn cashback rewards and save money. It works by automatically applying available coupon codes plus providing exclusive discounts when you shop online.


When checking out, Honey tests all existing coupons to ensure you snag additional savings on top of displayed prices. Over time, small amounts add up, and they can be directly redeemed to PayPal once you hit the $10 payout minimum.

To start earning, simply download and install the PayPal Honey extension onto Google Chrome or Microsoft Edge. Then browse and shop on your favorite sites as normal. The extension will work in the background to uncover discounts for a cashback boost to your PayPal account.

Honey also offers $5 signup bonuses for new users which provides a nice head start. Combined with consistent use during online shopping sessions, reaching $500 in total cashback earnings is very possible within your first year!


4. Taking Surveys with Survey Junkie

Paid surveys are nothing new. But Survey Junkie makes the process incredibly smooth and efficient.

Available online or through iOS and Android apps, Survey Junkie provides an engaging interface where you take surveys targeting various demographics and interests. Each one earns points called “SB” (survey bucks) which convert to cash rewards.

Once you hit the minimum $10 cashout amount, you can directly request a PayPal payment. With $500 as our goal, consistent participation in new surveys can easily help you reach this in under 12 months.


Survey Junkie also offers signup bonuses, referral bonuses, sweepstakes games, and even physical product testing opportunities to boost your earnings. Combined with cash rewards from surveys, achieving $500 cumulatively is very realistic.

3. Shopping and Earning with Ibotta

What if you could earn cash rewards on routine everyday purchases? That’s exactly what the smartphone app Ibotta offers through seamless integration with top retailers.

Ibotta provides cashback and other exclusive deals across grocery stores, restaurants, travel sites, clothing brands, and much more.


To get started, simply browse Ibotta’s long list of available offers before heading out to stores or placing any online orders. Then make qualifying purchases and scan your receipt through the app. This unlocks cash rewards that get credited straight to your Ibotta account balance.

Once your balance hits the $20 minimum payout, you can easily transfer it to PayPal and enjoy your earnings. Through consistent use and combining offers, reaching $500 in cumulative cashback is very doable within a year.

Remember to also take advantage of Ibotta’s referral program. Referring friends earns you $10 for everyone who joins, further boosting your overall earnings.


2. Maximizing Savings with Rakuten

Previously called Ebates, Rakuten gives you cash back for purchases made through thousands of partner retailers both online and in-store. It essentially rewards you just for shopping as normal anywhere PayPal is accepted.

Rakuten provides cashback rates from 1% to 20% depending on the retailer. Through the Rakuten browser extension or mobile app, you simply click eligible offers before checking out or buying in-store. Your account then tracks qualified purchases, unlocking cashback rewards.

When your balance reaches $5, you can request PayPal payment. With over 3,500 stores to choose from, consistently using Rakuten extensions and apps during all shopping trips makes the $500 goal highly feasible within a year.


Maximizing savings through Rakuten combined with other cashback services in this article provides a lucrative way to beef up your PayPal earnings over time.

#5 Earning Cash Back on Errands with Upside

Running errands and paying for gas, groceries, dining out, etc. adds up. But what if part of those everyday expenses went back into your wallet?

That’s exactly what the Upside app specializes in. It partners with major gas stations, restaurants, grocery chains, and more to give you cashback for routine purchases.


Simply check the app before filling up, dining out, or buying groceries. Claim an offer associated with your planned purchase and the listed percentage cashback will be added to your Upside account. When your balance hits $15, you can transfer earnings directly to PayPal.

With consistent weekly use anytime you get gas, food, or other errand necessities, your cashback will quickly add up. Making $500 in a single year is achievable even with casual but regular usage.

Final Thoughts

And there you have it – five incredibly easy and completely free methods for generating at least $500 in PayPal funds. Each option can work independently or they can be combined for maximum money-making power.


The key is consistency in incorporating these cashback services and survey sites into your normal shopping and browsing habits. Over time, taking advantage of exclusive deals, discounted prices, and survey participation ultimately pays off through PayPal earnings.

Not only are these methods simple to use, but they also provide satisfaction in knowing you’ve earned extra funds to splurge on yourself or save up something special.

So if you’ve been looking for legitimate ways to effortlessly pad your PayPal balance, be sure to utilize these five tactics. In no time, you’ll easily reach the $500 goal through everyday actions you already take!


Which money-making method seems most appealing to start with? Have you used any of these services already? Let us know your thoughts and experiences in the comments below!


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